The first stand-alone single photon source

1.Control Unit
2.Pulsed laser
5.Single photon state preparation / Demultiplexer QDmx6
6. Cryogenically cooled single-photon sources eDelight (pigtailed to a single mode fiber)
7. Mountable compressor

The first stand-alone quantum light source

On-demand, deterministic and high-efficient sources of indistinguishable single-photons are key elements of most future quantum optical technologies ranging from Quantum computing and simulations to Quantum communication, metrology and imaging.


is the core that breathes life into quantum technologies.

Quandela’s unique design and fiber-pigtailing technique allow for compact integration of all the necessary opto-electronic, cryogenic and solid-state quantum light sources in a 19-inch rack for portability and usability in any environment. Prometheus delivers high-quality photonic qubits at unprecedented rates, giving to both academic and industry communities access to the power of single photons at the press of a button.

All the modules are interconnected via optical fibers…
… and controlled via the user interface


Solid-state quantum light emitters & qubit control unit


QDmx6: active time to spatial single photon demultiplexer

Integrated Quantum Photonics

Highly efficient multi-photon sources and reconfigurable integrated quantum photonics promise to scale-up optical technologies for realising efficient quantum computing processors. ​

​The high-brightness solid-state multi-photon emitters of Quandela are exceptional candidates to be interfaced with reconfigurable photonic chips allowing high-photon number demonstrations on-chip. ​

Cluster States generation​

Light states composed of multiple entangled photons are essential for developing and scaling-up fault-tolerant quantum computing and all-optical quantum networks.​

Resource-efficient photonic cluster states can be obtained by employing  Prometheus, which promises to overcome the challenges of efficiency and scalability met in heralded single-photon sources schemes.​

Secure Quantum Communication​

Many Quantum Communication protocols demand that true single-photon pulses travel over a channel since the presence of additional photons compromises the communication’s security.

Even though there are protocols that mitigate this risk, the future of Quantum communication will be based on quantum repeaters, and it will likely rely heavily on single photons generated in a deterministic way which can not be found in a cw-excitation scheme. ​

Prometheus is an excellent candidate to answer those demands!​ Stay tuned! More colours are coming soon out of our single-photon sources!  

single-photon detectors calibration

Single-photon sources are ideal for the calibration of single-photon detectors. ​Prometheus is excited by a high repetition laser pulsed laser and emits one photon per pulse with a g(2)(0) less than 2% and high efficiency. ​

​With such a single-photon source, the influence of the photon statistics originating from highly attenuated laser pulses on the calibration results can be almost eliminated. Thus, the correction that needs to be applied is also eliminated, allowing for precise calibration procedures of single-photon detecting devices.  ​

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Quandela brings state-of-the-art technology and combines it with the strong dedication of its teams. We build unique solid-state sources of quantum light and create quantum algorithms to power a new generation of quantum computers, available on the cloud.

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