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Quandela Interns 2023

Welcome to our tribute video honouring the exceptional Quandela Interns of 2023!

Join us as we shine a spotlight on our incredible interns, we extend our deepest gratitude for the unforgettable impact they have made on Quandela. Their brilliance, enthusiasm, and dedication have been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The 2023 Jean Jerphagnon Prize recognises Niccolo SOMASCHI.

We’re so proud and honoured to announce that our CTO, Cofounder, and Chairman Niccolo Somaschi was awarded by the esteemed prize Jean Jerphagnon for his scientific work on quantum light emitters and their implementation in quantum technologies and quantum computing.

Quandela’s first  quantum computer manufacturing facility!

It is with immense pride and gratitude that we share the remarkable milestone we have achieved with the successful inauguration of Quandela’s first-ever Quantum Computing Factory on June 20th, in presence of French Minister of Digital Transition and Telecommunications Jean-Noël BarrotNicolas Dufourcq CEO of Bpifrance and Alain Aspect, 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics and member of the scientific board of Quandela

During this amazing inauguration day, Pascale Senellart has been awarded with the French ‘Ordre National du Mérite’ from the Minister and Quandela has been announced laureate of the call for project “Première Usine” de #France2030, (Secretary general for investment) operated by Bpifrance

Last week, we marked a groundbreaking moment in the world of technology as we embark on a new era of computing capabilities. Our team of brilliant minds, experts, and visionaries have worked tirelessly to transform innovative ideas into tangible reality. It is through their dedication, expertise, and sheer determination that we have accomplished this significant feat.

This achievement would not have been possible without the unwavering support of our valued partners, investors, and stakeholders. Your belief in our mission and the trust you have all placed in us have been pivotal in shaping the success of this project. 

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we remain committed to pioneering the frontiers of quantum computing, unlocking its immense potential, and revolutionising various industries and sectors.

Join us on this exciting journey and catch a glimpse of our inauguration ceremony in our latest video!

Quandela teams up with Eviden to provide quantum computing services to industry!

We’re proud to announce our new business partnership with Eviden, which will allow us to propose joint quantum offers. We will provide our quantum computing capacities, on premise and on cloud, to Eviden customers to address industry-specific use cases related to life science, energy, finance, defence, automotive and retail.

This partnership will enable us both to contribute significantly towards the development of cutting-edge solutions in these fields by combining our respective expertise in quantum computing.

OVHcloud purchases its first Quandela quantum computer to spur innovation in the Quantum ecosystem

Doubling down on its efforts in quantum computing, the Group’s goal is to provide its research and development department with the right tools to experiment with a Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) based machine for various use cases. This comes in addition to the announcement, last summer, of a plan to offer quantum-based calculation as-a-service through several emulators, including Perceval, the programming framework developed by Quandela.

CryptoNext Security and Quandela join forces!

CryptoNext Security and Quandela announce business partnership to offer an integrated security solution that will secure the implementation of post-quantum communication protocols.

Researchers now have access to the first free high-performance quantum emulation services

Great news from HQI France who has has a new resource available for the quantum community. Perceval, our photonic quantum simulation and programming software suite, is now available on GENCI’s Joliot-Curie supercomputer, hosted at CEA’s TGCC! Academic and industrial researchers can now benefit from the first high-performance quantum emulation services.

Perceval is a suite of open-source tools for simulating and/or programming photonic quantum devices. It offers an intuitive interface that allows users to build complex photonic circuits with ease.

The purpose of this release is twofold: it provides the quantum community with access to a high-quality toolset for quantum simulation, while al

Pascale Senellart among the new members of ‘The Academy of Sciences’

Pascale Senellart has just been elected as a member of the french ‘Academy of Sciences’ for the section of Science Applications along with 17 more new members.

The Academy adapts to the fast pace of scientific progress by regularly electing new members. It thus ensures the broadest possible coverage of all scientific fields, including scientific fields, including the most emerging ones, and nourishes the richness of the debates and work within its groups and committees.

The Academy currently has 286 members, 120 foreign associates and 63 correspondents. The new members are elected by the whole Academy, on proposal of the different sections.

QuaCS and Quandela: highlighting the potential of quantum algorithms

QuaCS, an Inria project team specialising in quantum computing, and Quandela, a pioneering start-up in the development of photonic quantum computers, have taken the decision to bring their complementary skill sets together to form a partnership. So far, this partnership has been able to develop an algorithm for simulating the behaviour of photons, as well as a graphical language for optimising photonic circuits.

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LOQCathon 2022: Challenge UnLOQCed!

3 days, 12 teams, 60+ participants from more than 10 countries across Europe, 5 projects, 3 prize team winners.

At the Crossroads of Physics and Software, LOQCathon was the first interdisciplinary Quantum Hackathon on Linear Optical Quantum Computation with the software platform Perceval, powered by Quandela with a partnership of QICS (Quantum Information Center Sorbonne) and with a support of LIP6 – CNRS.

The event was sponsored by OVHCloud, HQI (France Hybrid HPC Quantum Initiative) and Region Ile De France.

If you want a taste of what happened during this event, check out our Youtube channel now!

100 French tech personalities who have marked 2022 according to FRENCHWEB.FR

Pascale Senellart, Cofounder and CSO of Quandela, has been named one of the 100 French tech personalities who have marked 2022 according to FRENCHWEB.FR

During the past months, the FRENCHWEB.FR team had the chance to meet entrepreneurs, researchers, politicians, decision-makers, public actors, and at the end of the year, they highlight 100 personalities who have particularly marked or whose initiatives have been reported to them.

We are proud of Pascale and we hope to continue to see more women in tech!

Sigma Reply becomes a Quandela certified partner

Quandela and Sigma Reply are delighted to announce that Sigma Reply will become Quandela’s first official certified partner.

With expertise in Quantum Computing developed since 2018 and after having reviewed Quandela full stack offering, Sigma Reply chooses to become a Certified Consulting Partner of Quandela, the leading European photonic quantum computer company. Sigma Reply will train and certify its application engineers to Quandela’s simulator Perceval and photonic processors MosaiQ, and will have a preview access to Quandela’s Cloud QPU service.

Photonic Quantum Computing For Polymer Classification Whitepaper

Co-authored by Alysophil and Quandela, this new whitepaper explores a chemically-determined complexity for real polymer data.

Pack Quantique Île-de-France Region

Quandela, the Borelli Center of the École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and Thales worked together for this 9th project in the framework of the Pack-Quantique of the Île-de-France Region

The Pack-Quantique, created in 2020, and carried in partnership with TERATEC and GENCI, connects key stakeholders in the ecosystem to foster the development of quantum computing.

This new project aims to explore the benefit of quantum computing in drone air traffic management and is yet another great example of multi-stakeholder collaboration.

The first European quantum computer in the cloud, developed by Quandela

Quandela launches the first European online service giving access to its quantum computers assembled and hosted in its Massy premises. Scientists, industry players, and companies can thus access several photonic processors for calculations of up to 5 photonic qubits. Quandela is aiming for 12 qubits available online by the end of 2023, each additional photonic qubit doubling the computing power of the quantum computer.

This project has been supported by the “Programme d’investissement d’avenir” operated by Bpifrance

Quandela and EDF work together to use photonic quantum computing to simulate hydroelectric dam structures

Quandela and leading French energy company EDF have signed a partnership agreement to study the contribution of photonic computing to numerical simulations of hydroelectric dam deformation. The use of this breakthrough technology could increase the accuracy of the simulations, speed up the calculations and reduce the energy consumption of the same calculations. In the longer term, the ambition is to generalize the simulation models to other types of industrial applications and to extend photonic calculation to Machine Learning used in particular in consumption forecasting.

Quandela and ONERA join forces to study applications of photonic quantum computing to aerospace

Quandela has joined forces with ONERA and MBDA as part of the Ile-de-France Region project: Quantum Advantage for Aircraft Engine Design (AQCMA). AQCMA will last 18 months, aiming to reduce simulation time of aircraft combustion chambers by exploiting quantum machine learning. This is a new opportunity for Quandela to use its technology for concrete industrial applications.

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Quandela and EIC Accelerator

We’re thrilled to announce that Quandela has been selected by European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) as one of the fortunate few projects to be offered a grant! The EIC will fund Quandela’s industrialisation of the fabrication of optical quantum computers. This is an honour for us, and moreover a great signal as it shows that the European Union is accelerating investments in breakthrough technologies in order to match foreign competition. Quantum computing has the potential to change every aspect of our everyday life and recent news we have shared here prove that these are well on the way!

Quandela is teaming up with CEA-Leti to develop a very high-performance photonic chip 

Quandela has signed a partnership with the Electronics and Information Technology Laboratory of the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA-Leti) to produce a 100% French high-performance photonic chip. As part of this partnership, CEA-Leti is making its expertise and manufacturing platform available to Quandela. The first chips will be available in early 2023. 

The latest release of Perceval introduces connectors

This release introduces connectors that open up the world of photonic processing to third party frameworks tailored for gate-based qubit quantum processing (e.g. Qiskit). The release also incorporates some of the latest advances in photonic quantum computing, including the LOv-calculus, a graphical rewriting tool that in particular enables automated simplification of photonic quantum circuits.

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Quandela’s Interns 2022

The interns shared some of their thoughts on their experience working at the company. The entire team at Quandela is dedicated to make sure that every single one of our interns are happy, excited and well prepared for the future.
They are the future of our industry, and we’re so grateful for their hard work and dedication.

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Quandela: Making of a bright adventure!

We’re so excited to share with you, our incredible community, what we have in the works for this Autumn. This is a making of video for the upcoming announcement, where we’ll be talking about our future goals, what we’ve been up to and how excited we are to grow.

Quandela and OVHcloud

Quandela & OVHcloud partner to make Perceval available, allowing developers to run quantum algorithms by simulating optical processors on OVH Cloud


Quandela will be present at the following events. 
Don’t hesitate to visit our booth or to contact us to meet and discuss via our contact page mentioning the event. 

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