Our dedicated algorithms team focuses on the development of algorithms and protocols that fully exploit the informatics potential of photons to bring ground-breaking applications within reach. 

From prototyping with our Perceval simulator, to implementation on our general-purpose chips, or eventually to the design of purpose-built and optimised photonic circuits. Our quantum algorithms team designs and develops industrial solutions for wide-ranging applications: from advanced simulations of physical systems useful for pharmaceutical and material design, to quantum machine learning approaches to networks and optimisation.


Challenge: Global energy demand is increasing rapidly. An exponential increase in the quantity of data from this sector can be seen year after year.

Solution: Quantum computing can have an impact on every stage of the supply chain of energy, from generation to transmission. 

Method: Structural mechanics problems for the safe storage of energy and differential equations solvers for energy flow are among Quandela’s existing solutions. 


Challenge: Mobility is heading for a Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric network for cars and drones. This presents a substantial new list of challenges.  

Solution: Designing new batteries, sensors and traffic routes have been noted as areas of interest for quantum computers. 

Method: Quantum computers will allow the simulation of advanced materials and handling of vast amounts of data to greatly speed up the development of these technologies. 


Challenge: Predicting the properties of even simple molecules with total accuracy is beyond the capabilities of the most powerful classical computers.  

Solution: To develop new solutions in these fields we need to be able to accurately simulate complex molecules. 

Method: Quandela has developed cutting-edge solutions in this field with advanced simulation and problem-decomposition methods. 


Challenge: Computer-aided drug design techniques have hit the limits of classical computation, interactions on the atomic level are critical. 

Solution: Simulations of known and new molecules have the potential to be much faster and more accurate with Quantum Computing. 

Method: Quantum computers use their unique properties to efficiently simulate the behaviour of new medicines. 


Challenge: From breaking our best encryption methods, to making those which are completely uncrackable; Quantum Computers are set to completely transform cryptography.  

Solution: Quantum-safe cryptography relies on being able to generate truly random numbers, a task that is impossible for traditional computers. 

Method: The Entropy protocol on our full-stack quantum computer allows the creation of quantum-certifiable random numbers. 


Challenge: Fast and dynamic optimisation of routes troubles the logistics industry; the travelling salesman problem is notoriously hard to simulate. 

Solution: Quantum Computers have the potential to optimise supply-chain processes with real-time dynamics, out of reach of today’s supercomputers.  

Method: Many quantum algorithms have been proposed for combinatorial optimisation problems, from quantum neural networks to graph optimisation. 


Challenge: Financial services are intensive users of computing power. The systems needed for simulation are highly complex with a huge number of parameters.  

Solution: Experimental quantum systems are already being used to test and develop financial services use cases in such applications as targeting and prediction, asset trading optimization, and risk profiling. 

Method: Quantum Monte-Carlo simulations and optimised neural networks are proposed to overhaul computational finance methods. 

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Quandela is a European start up that provides photonic quantum computers that are modular, scalable, energy-efficient and accessible both on the cloud and on premise. Our team specialises in the development of both software and hardware solutions for a variety of quantum applications. We offer a wide range of services, from developing the most efficient and brightest single photons sources, to creating algorithms for quantum computers and providing cloud quantum computing solutions. 

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