e Delight

Solid-state quantum light emitters & qubit control unit

The optical qubit generator efficient and deterministic

Electrically controlled photonic chip containing a set of integrated sources.
Fully deterministic Reliable Efficient Pure

EDELIGHT chip device containing a set of integrated source, all electrically contacted.

Active-alignment version

The eDelight chip is installed in a low-vibration cryogenic system equipped with nanopositioners, for the active alignment of the single-photon sources. Laser excitation and single-photon collection is performed via one single-mode optical fiber placed right on top of the device at 4 Kelvin.
The installation of the optical fiber in the cryogenic system in possession by the customer is performed by Quandela’s engineers.

Scanning electron microscope image showing part of the micropillar single-photon sources.
Each one is deterministically fabricated, coupling a single quantum dot to a high-quality optical cavity.
Fibre-pigtailed EDELIGHT device. Proprietary technology.

Pigtailed version

A micrometer-size single-photon source of eDelight is coupled and pigtailed to a single-mode fiber with high efficiency and long-term stability.
With this technique, the pigtailed eDelight chip can be installed in a standard cryogenic system, providing an “alignment free solution”: there is no need for nanopositioners, special cryostats, or free-space optical access.
This technology also enables the simultaneous integration of eDelight with superconducting nanowire detectors in cryogenic systems.
Consult with our technical support for the compatibility with your existing cryogenic system.

Fibre-pigtailed EDELIGHT device inserted in a compact cryogenic system to guarantee plug-and-play operation with no active alignment required.

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