Financial services are intensive users of computing power. For instance, Monte-Carlo simulations used for option pricing can take days to run. The systems needed for simulation are highly complex with a huge number of parameters. You can find similar examples within the three main verticals of the financial market: banking, investment, and insurance.  

Thus, Quantum Computing alongside its potential to revolutionise the computing industry, will also disrupt financial institutions. There have been several proposed use cases in this space:  

  • Simulation of financial markets such as option pricing or portfolio risk management will be enhanced. 
  • Quantum optimization method for better portfolio optimization/diversification or issuance of auctions in the field of investment banking.  
  • Quantum Machine Learning algorithms can enable higher performance on credit scoring, fraud detection and money-laundering prevention. 

Every step of the customer journey will be impacted by Quantum Computing.  The young Fintech industry is always ready to embrace the newest forms of competitive advantage and the next big disruption is forecasted to come from Quantum Computing.  

Quantum Computing Use Cases Explained: Finance Infographic

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