Discover our Quantum Cloud Service

The Quandela Cloud is the gateway to our photonic Quantum Processing Units (QPUs). You can send jobs to our quantum computers and monitor them in real time from our online interface. 

Discover our Quantum Computing Platform

Discover MOSAIQ, our modular, reconfigurable, interconnected and scalable quantum computing platform. It is photonically universal, and supports prototyping, testing and development of algorithms that will change the way your industry computes. 

Discover our photonic simulator

PERCEVAL is a first simulator of linear optical circuits for quantum computing. 
Highly-optimized, it serves as a powerful tool for partners and collaborators, for modelling ideal or noisy linear optical circuits, and can easily simulate up to 20 photonic qubits.

It is fully open source, supports standard Python libraries and is compatible with most quantum computing frameworks.

Discover our Solutions

Quantum computing is not just about hardware. It’s also about software and algorithms that are tailored to solving your specific use-cases and problems. 

From designing new molecules for medicine or chemistry, optimising your logistics and financial assets, to cybersecurity augmentation, we’ll work with you to develop a unique solution that works for you and your business. 

Who are we

Quandela is a European start up that provides photonic quantum computers that are modular, scalable, energy-efficient and accessible both on the cloud and on premise. Our team specialises in the development of both software and hardware solutions for a variety of quantum applications. We offer a wide range of services, from developing the most efficient and brightest single photons sources, to creating algorithms for quantum computers and providing cloud quantum computing solutions. 

Join our team

As an applicant at Quandela, you will join a dynamic and international team of scientists, engineers, technologists, and business professionals. You will have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies and contribute to the development of innovative solutions that will have a global impact. We are looking for passionate and ambitious people who are eager to learn and grow with us. 

Who trusts us

At Quandela, we are committed to providing end-users with the best quantum computing experience. Our team specialises in the development of both software and hardware solutions for a variety of quantum applications and provides you with the most reliable and cost-effective solutions. Our goal is to make quantum computing accessible and easy to use for everyone. Our technology is backed by the world's leading industry partners, investors, and funding agencies – join us and unlock the potential of quantum computing. 

Ask for solutions

Take your business to the next level with Quantum Computing. We help companies solve their business challenges with quantum computing. Learn how to leverage our quantum technology in your product or service now!