Certified private random number generation. 

Nature is not always simple to simulate. To faithfully reproduce the chaotic structure of reality, classical computing doesn’t always cut it: you need to go quantum. 

Random number generation is an essential ingredient in diverse solutions in the digital age, from cryptography to numerical simulations and from gaming to arbitration. 

Exploit on-chip nonclassical photonic phenomena with Quandela hardware to harness the fundamental randomness of the quantum world. 

Obtain the highest-level of device-independent security for your encryption needs, and information-theoretic certification of quality and privacy. 

Random color grid created by converting 4.7 million true random bits into 195000 RGB pixels.

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Who are we

Quandela brings state-of-the-art technology and combines it with the strong dedication of its teams. We build unique solid-state sources of quantum light and create quantum algorithms to power a new generation of quantum computers, available on the cloud.

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Be part of an experience: Quandela is a growing company with large ambitions and a limitless potential. If like us you’re a passionate scientist or technologist, hungry for a challenge and with long term vision, come work with us and together, we’ll tackle on the quantum revolution!

Who trusts us

From industries and commercial partners working with us to develop new quantum computing use-cases, to funding agencies and investors supporting the scale-up of our technology; to the scientific community integrating Quandela’s components and adopting our cloud solutions to tackle multiple quantum applications.

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Request access to our quantum computing platform and solutions by contacting our teams.